Product Innovation

Product Innovation

The roots of Centaur’s product innovation lie back in the 70’s when the first fully reinforced liquid roofing systems were developed by Bob Stanfield, who became Centaur’s first R&D Director. This approach dramatically increased the tensile and other physical characteristics of the applied material making systems more durable and allowing them for the first time to deliver service lives in excess of other materials available at that time.

Bob had a key part to play by selecting a random glass fibre reinforcing mat as opposed to the non-conformable and more time consuming fleece materials that are currently used in many other liquids. This led to the introduction of systems that could be moulded to the contours of the roof without the need for complicated and time consuming cutting and fashioning of the reinforcing fleece, thus reducing contract times and costs.

Starting with twin pack polyurethanes and moving on to single pack systems that for the first time incorporated innovative moisture triggers (giving immediate resistance to rainfall) systems progressively developed through the 80’s and 90’s and into the new millennium.

Centech PU represents the next generation in fluid applied roofing systems. The first moisture triggered, hybrid, polyurethane liquid roofing system combining the strengths of both aromatic and aliphatic technology – cost effective, fast cure, low odour and extremely durable.

Centech PU has been formulated to be one of the safest polyurethane roofing systems available in the market today. Research and development identified free monomer as a potential risk to users and eradicated this risk by using the very latest monomer stripped prepolymers. This has resulted in a material that is among the safest within the industry with consequent benefits to installers and other users alike.