Our Service

Our Service

We are dedicated to working with clients and selected contractors to ensure that roofs, once completed, deliver trouble free performance and fully meet expectations.

Inspection & Specification

A thorough inspection of the roof, including core sampling and gathering of photographic evidence will take place and after discussions with the client we will undertake the following:

  • Preparation of a bespoke Roof Inspection Report including:
    • Current condition of the roof 
    • Any specific areas of concern
  • Full Specification detailing:
    • Preparation including any remedial works 
    • Installation of insulation, if required 
    • Priming and Sealing 
    • Methods of application 
    • Specific treatment of details and penetrations including CAD drawings 
    • Coverage rates

Site Support

Once a contractor has been selected to undertake the work we will work with them in order to ensure a high quality installation.

  • Regular site visits 
  • Feedback to the Contractor through specialised Site Reports 
  • Liaison with the client in order to deal with any questions or queries 
  • Final inspection 
  • If requested, Centaur Guarantees